Magno La Toja Classic Shower Gel, 550ml/18.6 Oz   La Toja Classic Shower Gel, 550ml/18.6 Oz  

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Magno bath gel contains salts and minerals (iron, iodine, and sulfur) from the fabled therapeutic hot springs of La Toja in Galicia, the Celtic area in Northwest Spain. It's been a favorite in Spain for many years -- imagine, a creamy black bath gel made of lanolin and glycerin, with a full but delicate fragrance. It produces a dense white lather that will foam in hard and soft water -- even in sea water. It leaves the skin soft and firm. As you lather in the shower, the unique Magno fragrance, with a personality of its own, fills your room with a lingering aroma and some good memories. It's good for a bubble bath too!